How to Unclog a Toilet – 8 Simple and Effective Ways

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Plunging a clogged toilet at times can be quite difficult, and this might be why many people do not wish to. It seems the toilet clogs happen at the worst possible time. Here I describe methods of how to unclog a toilet. However, these are very easy and effective way to unclog a toilet. Let us know if you need any further guidance after reading the entire guide.

How To Unclog A Toilet

How To Unclog A Toilet

If your toilet is clogged and you don’t know what to do, stay calm and follow the guide on how to unclog the toilet. The following article will provide you with a simple and easy method to unclog your toilet. We’re going to show you how to unclog your toilet without paying your plumber. 

8 Best Ways for Unclogging A Toilet

There are different techniques for unclogging your toilet. Lets examine each one and pick the one that will work best for you.

1. Unclog Your Toilet By Hot Water

Using hot water, this method will cover removing a clog from your toilet. First of all you need hot water in a bowl, but remember that water shouldn’t be boiled, only hot. Try putting the hot water into a toilet and letting it sit for a few minutes to see if water start draining then push the flush for power to ensure your clogged drain is removed.

Unclog Your Toilet By Hot Water

Hot water can easily clear a clogged toilet, so this trick could help you. For more techniques, keep reading.

2. Unclogging a Toilet With Dish Soap

Smoothness of soap will remove clog from the toilet. Yes, dish soap will help you to unclog a toilet. It works like lubricant and greasy grease. Put a ¼ cup of liquid dish soap in a toilet for 5 to 8 minutes. When the soap reaches the bottom of the drain hole near the clog, add hot water and give it time to drain.

Unclogging a Toilet With Dish Soap

Now you can flash the toilet to make sure it’s uncloged. Hopefully the problem will be solved.

3. Unclog a Toilet With Baking Soda Mixture

It is an alternative to the dish soap method and it is extremely effective. You can unclog your toilet with the mixture of baking soda and vinegar. In the toilet drain, you should add one cup of baking soda and vinegar. When the soda and vinegar mix, it causes a reaction and makes a pressure in the drain. With the pressure, the clog should be lost in 15 minutes. Add hot water and flash the toilet to clear the clog completely.

4. Unclogging With Plunger

For unclogging toilets, you can use a large plunger. Use best quality rubber plungers for unclogging toilets. A suction cup plunger and a plunger with a smaller size may not unclog the toilet. First run the plunger in some hot water to make it softer. Now add hot water to the toilet and start plunging with the plunger once the plunger forms a seal, you will definitely be able to get rid of the clog.

Unclogging With Plunger

5. Unclog With A Wire Coat Hanger 

Although this is a long method, it is extremely effective. You need to use a wire coat hanger for the toilet. Expand the hanger as shown in image by cutting one side. Now wrap one end of the hanger with the rag. For safety of the toilet the rag should be wrapped with duct tape so the rag cannot be moved. Taking the wrapped end of the hanger and sticking it into the toilet drain hole.

Unclog With A Wire Coat Hanger

To avoid getting splashed, you should wear gloves to protect your hands. Push the hanger and rotate the hanger in circular motion to clear the clog once you feel it blocked. If you can’t feel any blockage then the clog is out of range from hanger use the plumbing snake method.

6. Plunging Snake Method

A plunging snake also known as an auger and a flexible cleaning tool is a flexible wire which can move through the curves of toilet drain and reach to the clog very easily. 

You need to put the end of the plunging snake to the drain and push it down until you feel a blockage. Once you feel the blockage now twist the snake from its handle and push it forward. The snake will break the clog into small pieces when you are twisting it.

Plunging Snake Method

If the clog is very hard and unbreakable then you need to remove your toilet and run a snake from the bottom hole of the toilet. This will definitely work and you can get rid of the clog. 

Here i recommended you the best snake “closet auger” this will help you to remove every clog from your toilet.

7. Create Your Own Bathroom Declogger To Unclog Toilet

Make your own DIY effective declogger by mixing the following component 2 cups baking soda, ¼ cup of epsom salt, and 10 tablespoons of dish detergent (one by one). Pour this solution into the individual muffin linear and dry the mixture for one night on next morning put the dry mixture cube into the drain and put one liter water and see the result after 30 mins.

create Your Own Bathroom Declogger To Unclog Toilet

The mixture will make pressure in a drain which helps to remove the clog. I personally try this trick many time for removing clog and this help me every time.

8. Unclog By Wet/dry Vacuum

Get a Vacuum cleaner, First empty the bowl using the vacuum cleaner after water removal wrap a vacuum hose with a rag to make a seal and put vacuum under the drain and power on the vacuum the vacuum will suck the clog. And your toilet is now unclogged.

Unclog By Wet/dry Vacuum

For safety use gloves while removing clog with vacuum.

Some useful Tips for Unclogging A Toilet

  • You can use a mop as an alternative to plunger.
  • Always Wear safety gloves to get safe from any splashes
  • All these methods are very easy and effective, so you can easily unclog your toilet with them.


Q. Why my toilet get clogged?
A. Some of the most common reasons for toilet clogs are toilet paper, tampons (some are flushable, but many are not), toys (both pets and kids are suspects), cotton swabs, and baby wipes.

Q. What is the best way to unclog a toilet?
A. I have given a detailed description of the best and easiest ways to unclog a toilet. I usually use a plumbing snake to unclog toilets.

Q. Will a toilet eventually unclog itself?
A. Sometimes when the clog is very minor, the toilet itself can unclog after a couple flushes.

Q. What is the best tool to unclog a toilet?
A. A plunging snake “Auger” and a ruber plunger are the best tools to unclog a toilet.


Here’s some tips from a professional plumber that can help you solve these clog issues. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you a lot. I’ve already tried these tricks myself and was successful in unclogging my toilet. Among the above tricks, I recommend plunging snakes and using dishwasher soap method.

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